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Useful Reference Books

Useful Reference Books

Which books do you use in your practice that you would recommend?

I have bought :

"Life without Timesheets" (out of date information and not a good read)

"The World's Best Accountancy Practices" by Steve Pipe. Not yet read it but I can see it will be easy to read and there is lots to learn from.

"Effective Pricing for Accountants" by Mark Wickersham. I've read it and would recommend.

"Commonsense Direct Marketing" and "How to write Sales Letters that Really Sell" both by Drayton Bird and I would recommend.


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27th Mar 2012 14:29

Useful reference books

How interesting.

I have bought the first three on your list and I am in exactly the same position/hold the same view on all three - I too have not had time to read Steve Pipe's book yet - despite reminder emails from him asking what I thought.

I have not read the Drayton Bird books but I will keep my eyes open for them.

Having looked at various general taxation books over the years I still come back to the Tax memo from FL Memo - something about it means I can usually find what I need very quickly.

Another book (or two by the same author) is Getting Things Done by David Allen which I found to be a great tool for me when I discovered the GTD productivity methodology about five years ago. The recent follow up "Making it all work" is a worthwhile read as it looks in more detail at focus, control and perspective (the higher planes of GTD).

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