Using a Dell Precision M70 notebook with twin screens

Using a Dell Precision M70 notebook with twin...

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I have a Dell Precision M70 notebook (coming up to two years old) which hasn't been used in the office before.
I'm wanting to start using it in the office (connected to small network) and at home, and with twin external screens in the office.
Has anyone used this particular notebook with twin screens - can it be used with twin screens does anyone know, and if so is this easy to set up?
It's running with Windows XP Pro.
Also what is the best (quickest and safest) method for connectivity - is a Dell docking station recommended? The otebook is likely to be back and forth between home and office pretty well every day.
I'm conscious that I may well end up upgrading to a new notebook in one to two years time so don't want to fork out on a docking station if it will be obsolete when I get a new notebook.
Thanks for any advice, and if anyone knows what model docking station I need (if i do need one) please let me know so I can look around for best prices.
David Evans

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By Stewart Twynham
09th Jul 2007 20:20

Just plug in the second screen and try it?
You should have no trouble running a second monitor - and you'll only need to plug one straight into the VGA port at the back (the blue D-shaped socket).

On the notebook, right click on the desktop, choose Properties and then select the Settings tab at the top. You should see the option for the second monitor and then be able to set the options e.g. screen size, extend the desktop onto the second screen.

Hope that helps.


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