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Using client HMRC Online Accounts?

Hi All,

What's the latest on using a client's own HMRC Online Account to monitor PAYE & VAT payments? We reconcile these payments for our clients on a quarterly basis for our clients and the only way we've ever been able to do it is by accessing a client's own HMRC Online Account. Now with HMRC online sending access codes to mobiles each time the account is accessed, we have had to get a PAYG mobile just for this purpose. I know HMRC wouldn't like this - but what option do we really have if we are to supply the service clients engage with us to?

Are we missing something and/or is there some other way of seeing client payments on our own Agent account (is it beyond the realms of possiblity for HMRC to give us access to VAT & PAYE payments?)?




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07th Dec 2017 14:06

Are you saying that you have nominated your office mobile number on all your clients' HMRC Online Accounts?

So whenever a client tries to log into his own Online Account, either just to have a look or to pay a tax for himself, you will get a text message which says "012345 is your HMRC access code" without anything to identify the client.

You have deprived your clients of access to their own HMRC Online Accounts.

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07th Dec 2017 19:30

I currently have access to all client PAYE information (payments, allocations) through my agent login. On agent VAT login don’t have access to payments but can see all VAT Returns so not too hard to reconcile. Don’t use client logins for anything. However am in the process of ensuring all clients do have their own personal/business tax account logins as don’t trust HMRC to make everything available to agents. But its cumbersome, I’d have to ring the client to ask them to login and then ask them what they are seeing on screen.

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07th Dec 2017 22:33

Agree with White Rose.

HMRC already do this for PAYE (have done for about 9 months or so) but not for VAT.

If I need information on whether a VAT return has been paid I can call VAT helpline for an answer.

Do you need to change the settings on your Agent Account to be able to do the same? I think signing up for the Beta service was what enabled access to this??

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