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Using HMRC Tool kits?

Using HMRC Tool kits?

I have started looking at HMRC Tool kits. I should have read these much earlier on.

I am hoping to get a feedback from others on these. Do you use them? Do you find these helpful? Any other comments? 

I noticed that it is not possible to save the "ticked" Tool kit. Am I right? If so, is there a way I can save the "ticked" sheet as a working paper. I do not want to print it.



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By Flash Gordon
08th Dec 2012 18:07

Incorporate into my own

I use my own Excel checklists and have incorporated the questions off the Toolkits into those - that way I remind myself of all the individual steps I know I need to do and I cover my back for HMRC. Some of the questions are helpful, others irrelevant, but I figure I've done my duty HMRC-wise if I've whizzed through them and noted N/A in my boxes.

Presumably you could print the toolkits into PDF files to save on your pc when you've completed them?

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08th Dec 2012 19:28

HMRC Toolkits

They're good! and make you think about answers you need to have on file before giving advice or finalising a job. The ones relevant to us I've 'printed' to pdf for permanent reference; then we've done paper print outs in our duplex printer's booklet mode for easy reference. Flash Gordon's system of creating Excel checklists from them is very sensible and practical. 

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By pawncob
08th Dec 2012 20:43


They sent me a notice informing me of the existence of the toolkits, sent to an address I haven't occupied for 7 years. No return address on the notice, so how do I tell them to amend their records?




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By DMGbus
08th Dec 2012 21:19


The Toolkits can be useful where a client questions the tax treatment of their business.   The relevant section of a particular Toolkit can be given to them to justify the tax treatment utilised.    Easier than searching out legislation that the client might not understand.




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