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UTR reallocated by HMRC

UTR reallocated by HMRC

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Strange one here. Tried to submit a Corp Tax return for a client with a 30/9/13 year end. Got a failure message that CRN didn't match with HMRC's records. Checked Co's House etc and we have correct CRN.

Clients were on our agent list on HMRC website previously but not now listed under their name. Did a search on UTR on HMRC  website and it appears that our client's UTR has now been allocated to a totally unrelated company with a different CRN (and different Reg Office address per Companies House). Have checked back through our files etc and I can't see that we've actually received any notices from HMRC for quite a while.

Now have to send in Return manually with further 64-8 from our client and try and get this sorted.

I'm hoping this is a one off and just a hideous mistake, but has anyone else had similar issues? If so, could it be a sign of HMRC database problems?

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By sarahg
18th Sep 2014 07:06

Had this with self assessment
One of our clients utr has been given to someone else! When we submitted our clients tax return it overrode the new persons figures. Still trying to sort it out nearly a year later, it's a nightmare :(

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Replying to kevinringer:
By Peter Cane
18th Sep 2014 09:37

Thanks for that Sarah.

Doesn't say much about HMRC's data protection controls. And they want to be given access to people's bank accounts? 


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By MzEden
18th Sep 2014 11:53

Me too!

I had this with a book keeping client. Her UTR was given to an ex pat in Australia.

I could access the other woman's details online via my clients online account details.

My client got a letter to tell her that they had changed her UTR but not before she paid nearly £600 in tax owed under the other ref.

HMRC refused to acknowledge that they had put the money to the old UTR even though I had printouts of the Aussie woman's account showing she didn't owe any tax and that she had 'paid' the exact amount my client said she'd paid on the same date and they had refunded my clients money to her! There was also a receipt from the post office to show the account refs when my client paid the cash over.

This went on for about 2 years with everyone passing the buck and denying responsibility before my client eventually gave in and borrowed money from her parents to pay the tax again. (I told her she should have let them take her to court!)

It was so unfair but there didn't seem to be anything we could do about it as no one would listen or admit to understanding the problem.

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By lionofludesch
18th Sep 2014 13:24

Ten digits

Bless me !  There should be enough options for now without reallocating numbers.

Ten digits gives us around 150 numbers for every man, woman, child and company in the UK. Maybe more after the referendum.

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Portia profile image
By Portia Nina Levin
18th Sep 2014 13:30

Banks do it

Banks reuse account numbers too. The future will be fun

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