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UTR to be published by next year?

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My accountant applied for a UTR number on my behalf early August but it hasn't arrived yet. I called HMRC and was told on the system shows I should receive my UTR by February 2022. Normally this process takes about 10 days to 4 weeks at most. 

The guy on the phone told me I will then have a 3 month grace period from the moment the UTR record is created to do tax return and pay the tax due. 

The reason for the delay is because HMRC are currently very busy, etc. etc.

Anyone else experiencing this? The guy on the phone also said to check and call every 3 weeks in case it gets sent out early.


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By rmillaree
20th Sep 2021 08:23

Unfortunately this is not some sick joke but it is a nightmare scenario where as you say hmrc service is beyond any level of what you as a customer of their expect. God knows how they would expect you to cope of you were working within cis where you need your utr.
The main reason is that hmrc are very slow at dealingg with any physical post and certain other items. I suspect if your acountant did online application or web form you may get UTR quicker than advertised timeframes but sometimes hmrc are as poor as they promise they will be.

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Replying to rmillaree:
By Tornado
20th Sep 2021 09:10

"but sometimes hmrc are as poor as they promise they will be."

Incompetent is probably a more accurate description

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By K81
20th Sep 2021 09:46

yes, this is happening to everyone - its all very well saying you have three months to file a tax return before penalties kick in but that does not apply to someone who files a tax return already but is waiting for a partnership UTR for partnership that started in January 2021. every time I phone HMRC about this, UTR requested in June, I am given a date further & further in the future & no solutions!

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By Leywood
20th Sep 2021 10:14

Your Accountant should have been able to answer this one.

BTW - refer it to your MP. Disgusting service by hMRC to its 'customers'.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
20th Sep 2021 10:52

Ah, that explains the delay for one of our clients who has 'recently' applied for a UTR and we want to file his tax return and pay some tax.

A process that 10 years ago was undertaken by agent services 'while you wait' on the phone in about 30 seconds. HMRC also picked up inside of a couple of rings too once you had listened to about 45 seconds of drivel. Now its 2 minutes of drivel followed by 15-30 minutes wait, followed by a referral which doesn't work.

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By Paul D Utherone
21st Sep 2021 16:50

MTD for ITSA (and Change of Basis period) is going to go so well isn't it!?

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