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Valuation of Business

Valuation of Business
I'm part of a small company which makes made to measure bedroom products. Sales are nationwide, mainly retail and mostly achieved through a good website.
We've arrived at a point where we want to sell the company.
I fully appreciate company is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it but certainly starting point for discussions based on valuation. 
My question is, are the preferred valuation methods for a company like ours as (briefly) described?
Any help much appreciated.


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23rd Dec 2012 14:50

PM me with your... address and I'll forward you a a range of info that I use with my clients.

Kind regards



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By Old Greying Accountant
23rd Dec 2012 23:17

Have a look here

Went to a seminar, very impressed - strongly recommend talking to them.

key things Iearned

Never put a price on the table (or you set an upper limit)Don't give too much sensitive info to a competitor


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27th Dec 2012 15:22

Business valuation

Why not take a look at offers at one of the numerous businesses for sale web sites for a company in similar business with similar turnover

Do bear in mind that a purchaser would need you to indemnify him against unexpected liabilities.

My apologies if the above sounds too practical.

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11th Jun 2013 15:17

Business Valuation

The essence for me is that any paper based research exercise that, or should I say any paper based evaluation exercise that excludes actually talking to potential purchasers is of very limited value.

A business is only worth what somebody is willing to pay!!

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