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Valuation of crypto reward - recommendation sought

A recommendation for help with valuing a crypto/blockchain reward for employment needed

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Can anyone suggest an advisor (or maybe offer help themselves) who could assist with the valuation/taxation of restricted units in a crypto/blockchain system (not Bitcoin) given as an employment reward?

(anonymous for client confidentiality)

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By johnt27
23rd May 2019 15:26

For valuation yes - most cypto can be valued by googling crypto exchanges. My one caveat being that if your considering anything off the mainstream (Bitcoin by way of example being the mainstream) I'd likely value any crypto asset at SFA.

That's before you consider the regulatory issues, the illiquid nature of crypto assets, the imperfect markets they trade on, the fact they have no real underlying asset value and most UK high street banks won't let you cash in crypto assets given the ML risks.

As for tax - HMRC have an interesting (and constantly evolving) line on this. Again, a cheeky google will unearth the answers you seek.

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By adrianmarkey
19th Aug 2019 09:32

Sounds interesting. Be happy to chat on this. Right up my street.

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