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A firm of glazers have a contract to repair damaged windows to shops over Saturday / Sunday and can be called at any time of the day or night. They have guaranteed a maximum of 30 minute response time to any call. The employee on call must be within a few minutes of his van at all times. He takes the van home with him when on call. If the employee were to use the van to go shopping, visting friends etc they are using the van for private purposes and would be assessable on a benefit, however even if using the van in this way they would still be able to meet the requirment of their employment in only being a few minutes from the van. The employee whatever private use they were making of the van would still be able to meet his "on call" obligation. Is there any concessions that can be applied to the emplyee in this situation? It may be that they are on call for the whole weekend but not be called out. In other words stuck at home for two days. If there are no concessions is there a way for the employer to meet the employees benefit? If the van is over 3,500kgs there is no problem with private use as described above.

Alan MacPherson


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By neileg
25th Oct 2007 14:09

Not covered
This is not covered by the standard rukes, as you are aware. If the operative uses the van to visit a friend and then doesn't get a call out, this would trigger the benefit.

You might get your tax office to grant a dispensation but they're pretty reluctant to vary the rules on vehicles.

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