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Hi All,

I wonder if you can help please

A business from Republic of Ireland charges a UK business (A) for digital fees/digital work at %0.00 vat. In turn this charge, or part of it, will need to be recharged to another UK business (B). Does the recharge for the fees/work to UK business (B) need to be with VAT?

Business A is VAT registered in UK; business B not sure

Any help would be great






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06th Mar 2019 19:28

I think you need to provide more information about the nature of the services - both those supplied to and by your client.

For example, why is A, and not B, paying for the services?

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07th Mar 2019 11:43

If it's a disbursement then no, if it's a recharge then maybe. I have no idea which it is based on your question.

As with all VAT questions, you have to tell us first who is supplying what to whom.

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