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VAT Advise

VAT Advise

Hi to All

the scenario is as follows:

  • An IOM-registered company ( the "owner") owns a yacht which has been imported into the EU and holds a VAT-paid certificate and is, for EU VAT purposes, deemed to be an end-user customer for supplies and services subject to VAT made within the EU.
  • The yacht spends most of the Summer in EU waters, some of it in Croatian/North African waters and overwinters in the Caribbean.
  • Owners source various technical supplies and fittings for the yacht from EU suppliers (assume they would be charged to VAT if delivered outside the EU to the company fitting (say in Croatia).

My initial question is whether VAT should be charged on such supplies (assume they would be charged to VAT if delivered within EU) delivered outside the EU to owner.

Would VAT be chargeable if the supply were made to a non-EU company outside the EU (which would then on-supply the goods to owner locally)?

Thank you


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