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Agent Authority to file VAT Returns

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I use software VITAL TAX to file client’s VAT Returns.

This time, for VAT period 010823-311023 I have used information from software provider FREEAGENT, ( offered through their Bank)  to give me information to prepare client’s VAT Return.

Currently, I am now in the position whereby I am able to file the VAT RETURN but said document will be under the directors’ name authority. This is the directors’ preferred option.

If I do this through FREEAGENT does it extinguish or NOT my agent authority to either telephone HMRC VAT or file VAT Returns through VITAL TAX? Thank you.  



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By davidbarry
15th Nov 2023 14:34

Just in case colleagues ask, I have just wasted 45 minutes holding on for HMRC VAT with a similar question. Cut off. Absolutely useless.

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