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We incorporated a business in 2020 and registered it for VAT in Feb/March 2024.   Letter confirming VAT number and registration from 1 April 2024 came to us. 

We are now trying to submit the company first VAT return but don't know the period.

Client set up a new government gateway but we can't see a way to add VAT as a tax to it.  Process asks if we are completing VAT returns. If we say yes to this the next step is for details from  last return.  If we say no it says client can't be found.... 

We tried requesting authorisation through agent account but again when we sent through link to him he was not able to find a way to accept it.

We can't submit a return without authorisation

HMRC naturally will not speak to us..

Has anyone found a way round this??


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By Matrix
14th Jun 2024 18:19

You answer No as you don’t have details from a previous VAT return. What message do you get? Have they entered the VAT number correctly?

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By Jason Croke
14th Jun 2024 21:07

The answer is 'no' to the question "are you submitting returns", as it's your first return then you've not submitted anything as yet.

If it is saying details can't be found...check the VAT number is valid, use the HMRC VAT number checker, I know that sounds weird but HMRC have major issue with VAT numbers not being properly registered on the HMRC database, so you can have a VAT number, a VAT certificate and letter but if it doesn't show up on the online checker then you will not be able to add the VAT service to the gateway.

Also, it can take about 2 weeks for the VAT number to show up on the HMRC database, again you can't add VAT unless the database shows it, the VAT number checker will tell if your number is active or not

When you try and add via your own gateway, message goes to clients gateway but they can't see the message as client isn't setup for VAT on their gateway!

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By seonaid anderson
17th Jun 2024 09:21

Thanks, that was really helpful. Using the tool the issue was simply business postcode not registered office postcode (which had worked for the other taxes).

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