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VAT Certificates

VAT Certificates

Please may I have your thoughts on this?
My questions is: Should we keep the original Vat certificates or are scanned copies satisfactory? We are trying to go "paperless" as much as possible and we receive hundreds of VAT and Flat Rate Scheme certificates every year. We would like to scan and shred them once received. Does anyone know if there are any legal requirements on this and do we really have to keep original Vat and Flat Rate Scheme certificates?

Many thanks in advance!

Maya Dimcheva


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By Maya81
21st Oct 2008 10:21

Thank you
Many thanks for your help!
I think we'll just scan and pass them on. I definitely don't feel comfortable with shredding them.

Kind regards,

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18th Oct 2008 20:29

Pass it on!
I know this might sound obvious (but i do this). Scan away for your
own purposes and pass it back to the customer with the
enthasis on --- you must keep this in a safe and retrievable place!

Although, I have to say, in the past 20 years no VAT inspector has every
asked to see a VAT certificate in any case

So - would this work for you?

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17th Oct 2008 18:36

Link please
Chris, have you got a link to this?

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17th Oct 2008 16:52

In a word....

You are obliged to keep all original certificates and notices from HMRC.

This is especially true for companies that pay VAT and duty on imports from non- EU countries.

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