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VAT Charged Twice on Import

Items coming from Sweden to UK

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We ordered items from Sweden to the UK and paid what seems like a rate of 25% VAT at the time of purchase to the supplier (25% is on the confirmation). However, the courier is now asking for duty and VAT. I understand that duty and handling fees should be paid by me, however, should I be paying for VAT again? I'm not VAT registered.

I have paid the balance to the courier as didn't want to risk the items being destroyed and not receiving items or a refund. Should I be going back to the supplier to ask for a refund on the VAT or straight to HMRC? I don't think I'm supposed to be paying VAT twice




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By David Ex
25th Jan 2022 19:00

Worth consulting your accountant if the amount is non-trivial.

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By paulwakefield1
26th Jan 2022 08:17

Have a look at the AWeb Brace for Brexit hub:

A lot of useful information and I am sure one of the articles will cover your circumstances.

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paddle steamer
26th Jan 2022 11:19

I suspect the issue is with your Swedish supplier, not sure they should have charged MOMS re their export sale to you but may be difficult to convince them and of course only basic bits of Skatterverket's website are in English so checking Swedish rules may be tricky.

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By Jason Croke
26th Jan 2022 16:06

If supplier charged you Swedish VAT at point of sale, that is wrong, as the supplier is making an export to the UK, it should have been zero rated on their invoice.

You don't say if you are a business or a consumer, but either way, the Swedish sale is zero rated/no Swedish VAT applies.

Then either the Swedish supplier registers for UK VAT and charges UK VAT (20%) to you or as is the case here, the freight agent pays UK import VAT (20%) and charges it to you.

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Replying to Jason Croke:
By Truecon
28th Jan 2022 08:14

Agree with Jason- If your supplier has your VAT number, they shouldn't charge you Vat on the sale.

You should only be charged on the Import.

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