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VAT chase of correctly deferred quarter

Xero and HMRC describe the period differently - anyone else had this?

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Filed a client's VAT return through Xero MTD, all been working fine since MTD adoption last year.

I've received a VAT chase for the amount of the correctly-filed-and-payment-deferred period ended 30/4/20, but which is described in the letter as being for the period ended 31/7/20.

In Xero, that amount is identified correctly as the amount due (but deferred) on 30/4/20, and the subsequent return to 31/7/20 is showed correctly, was paid on time and is shown as paid in the HMRC account. However the HMRC account shows the 30/4/20 amount as an additional amount due and unpaid for 31/7/20.

There was originally a DD, this was correctly cancelled in March, and it hasn't been reinstated yet (we just haven't got round to it) so the 31/7/20 payment was made by a direct transfer (in good time), went out the bank and is shown as having been received.

I'm stumped.

Anyone had the same?

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By Moonbeam
27th Sep 2020 10:00

I had an MTD client whose VAT return period end on Xero showed up recently as mid July when it should have been 30 June. I called HMRC three times over the last month to get this sorted but nothing has been done.
Client is no longer with me. But HMRC VAT section are clearly in a right old state.

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By jonharris999
28th Sep 2020 14:12

Update just in case anyone looks this up in future:

Called HMRC, they said oops sorry our bad, will correct.


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