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Vat Customs Declarations review

HMRC want to visit to carry this out - what should we expect?

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The visit was requested for the end of April - but is now postponed. The client imports components from India & China - for export to Europe & USA. Any thoughts on what to expect and any preparation to undertake?

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By Les Howard
06th Apr 2020 13:46

Ask HMRC to specify the period of trading that they wish to review and what documents or transactions in particular. It will be more helpful for you if they will narrow the scope of their intervention.

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By jwgrogan
06th Apr 2020 13:57

I had notice of one back in Feb, for a client company in Northern Italy importing into the UK. I told HMRC not to expect anything until after this crisis has passed. They will send you a long letter with details of all the documents they want to look at - it's mainly import docs, but VAT invoices as well. Might be best to direct them to the import agent if the client uses one. Let us know how you get on.

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