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VAT deregistration

Can agent do this for client?

Didn't find your answer?

Client is stopping trading at the end of the month and I have his authority to cancel the company VAT registration.

I don't seem to be able to do this for him online. Is that right?

It seems only the client/company can use their govt gateway account to do it, or I can fill in an online VAT7 for him and print it for him to sign and post.

Am I missing something?

VAT 700/11 says that you can cancel online and your agent can do this for you, but I can't seem to do it via my agent gateway nor agent services account logins. I just get an error message saying "agents cannot use this sign in page"

I presume it's so agents don't go round wildly deregistering clients but I'm not sure why not when we can register on a client's behalf (or at least I think we can, it's so long since I've needed to do it).

Any ideas please?




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By Matrix
26th Jul 2021 18:40

Yes you can do this through your ASA. You can also submit the final return through the ASA.

Go into the client in your ASA and deregistration is an option.

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By SXGuy
26th Jul 2021 18:40

I did it for someone the other day. Admittedly I couldn't find a way the first time but managed it after.

It was via the ASA account. Can't remember now how I found it. But the page asks you to put the companies vat number in then asks you to confirm the company details before being able to deregister.

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By tltodman
26th Jul 2021 19:00

Thank you - I knew it should be possible.
All done now - did as you suggested and signed into ASA first rather than going from the "cancel reg" link elsewhere on the HMRC website.

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