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Vat direct debit setup (again) MTD clients

ability to setup vat direct debits in old agent account very random

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Ok for some MTD clients who have recently (before submissions due date 7/4/2020) cancelled the direct debits we now have the option within our old gateway to set the direct debits back up again - thats great. Basically the previously available method has been restored as it was before it was taken away for MTD cleints.

However some clients don't have the available option and i can;t work out why? - i don't know if its a timing issue , a different banks work differently issue , whether anything to do with old pre mtd direct debits affects anything or its just random hmrc no answer as to why i can setup direct debit or not.

I think i may be in trouble with clients who don;t have their own gateway as i have heard rumours paperr direct debit applications have been returned.

I spoke to vat webchat and they outright denied that i would be able to setup any direct debits anymore, so perhaps the re introduction of our ability to setup direct debits for some clients is a random error they havent spotted yet.

Any useful pointers anyone?

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By claudialowe
01st May 2020 10:43

I've just tried to do the same, and there is nowhere in either the old or new gateway to do it :-(

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By [email protected]
10th Jun 2020 11:37

There is the screen to set-up a Direct Debit on the VAT tax account (MTD ) on my clients gateway. However, it is not accepting the bank details when they tried this morning. I'm wondering if the whole service to set-up is down?

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