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VAT email

just wondered

This is a paragraph from a VAT email recieved from HMRC:

Alternatively, if you use accounting software, in most cases you can use it to quickly prepare and submit your VAT return directly to HMRC. 

An ex  client of mine was shown how to use Xero he said  it was simple and proceeded to input all his invoice and claimed VAT on everything and with his sales he just entered a few at random , apparently that what Xero told him to do . I told him the Return was incorrect and he said that I had recommended Xero - Xero had told him to claim VAT as per their system and checks where not needed . HMRC said software made VAT filing easy and aswas  the software did the work . When I challenged him about the return being incorrecr  he changed Accountants - I explained to the new Accountants why he changed and ex client  threatened to sue me for defamation of his character . Is this a fair system ?


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21st Feb 2019 15:07

Sounds like you're well rid of that particular client. Please don't be tempted to respond in any way to the threat. If he wants to start a defamation action it will cost him a fortune and unless there are other statements you've made and not included in your post will stand little chance of success.

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21st Feb 2019 15:08

GHarr497688 wrote:
I explained to the new Accountants why he changed

What exactly did you say to the new accountants and by what means?
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