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VAT exempt supplies to The Republic of Ireland

VAT exempt supplies to The Republic of Ireland

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We are a business who currenty trade in the UK to UK residents. Our customers qualify for VAT exemption on our health products, due to long term illness. We are looking to trade in The Republic of Ireland and would welcome any information regarding the VAT implications. For example; Can anyone tell me whether Tax relief is available to ROI customers who purchase health products directly linked to their long term illness? Also, as we currently do not apply VAT to our sales, would we continue with this treatment when exporting to ROI? Thanks in advance. 

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By Lahtac
13th Oct 2012 00:03

Hello, my name is Cathal O'Donoghue and I'm a partner with Wallace O'Donoghue Accountants in Dublin, Ireland. We have a lot of experience with companies operating in both the UK and Ireland etc on both the export and import side and the VAT issues involved and have also clients in the health care sector. Ordinarily if the health care product is of a medicinal nature it should be VAT exempt as medicines are normally VAT exempt however if the product is not medicinal it may not be VAT exempt but have a "zero" VAT rating or a higher 23% rating.  If you want to email more details etc to me at [email protected] I can follow up on the matter.   

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