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VAT for Agents - Changing Address details

Problems changing address details


I'm a non VAT registered Sole Practitioner and have had a change of address. I've been able to change my address details for most of the serrvices that I provide via Agents Services but have not been able to do the same for VAT.

An adviser on the VAT helpline has just told me that the only way to do this is to create a separate Gateway Account and re register as an Agent for VAT services via the new account then re apply for authorisation for each client. This would mean that instead of accessing all of my services from the Agents Services home page, I would have to log in to a separate account to access my VAT clients.

I'm not entirely confident that the information that I was given is 100% correct, especially since the same adviser also told me that I would also have to re apply for authorisation for all of the other services that I provide to my VAT clients. I explained that there wasn't an issue with the other services and given that authorisation for individual services is applied for separately, I didn't think that that would be the case and he then agreed.

Has anyone had the same problem or know how best to resolve the issue?

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13th Feb 2018 18:10

I can’t remember to which office, but we had to write to HMRC giving them out agent reference and new address, which worked.

Not an entirely helpful post I know, but sort of gets you on the right track ...

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13th Feb 2018 20:41

I'm not so sure it can be done without setting up a new Agent Reference (but it's only needed for VAT aspects, you don't have to transfer for the other taxes too) and I was speaking to someone on the MTDfB team last week about this and other matters, and she too confirmed it couldn't be done. She said it was nonsensical

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14th Feb 2018 08:14

Same here, I moved at Christmas at wrote a letter to the central agent maintainer team informing them of the new address and stating my agent code for each tax.

I received a letter back confirming it had been done except for VAT, for which I'd need to telephone. If telephoning, you're told it can't be done.

Only HMRC could turn such a basic task into something complicated!

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to Mr Hankey
14th Feb 2018 09:01

I believe it's the old Customs and Excise mindset.

They're used to dealing with smugglers and pirates.

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to Mr Hankey
20th Feb 2018 14:47

Yes - it is ridiculous. I'm waiting for the Central Team to respond, and in the meantime received a letter related to a VAT client via redirection from my old address. So, I called just to see where things were with updating my details, and found out the same; that authorisations need to be re-done.

Even ringing around to find this out took an hour because, as an example, the VAT helpline people advised me to call Online Services, and ringing them and going through their automated menu led me to a message telling me I have to ring the VAT helpline!

I swear there must be a position at HMRC for Director of Unnecessary Complication!

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By jilbo
14th Feb 2018 10:20

I wrote in to change my address a few years ago. I too received a letter to say that my address was updated for all other taxes but not VAT.

I was told to write again giving details of all my VAT clients and that they would update my agency address through each client's account.

Result was 2 of my VAT clients had their address updated to my address!! I had to ask the clients to contact HMRC to correct their address.

Unfortunately I moved house again last summer, I still haven't tried to update my address. However yesterday I set up an Agents Services Account and linked my agency account to it. Maybe that will update my address for VAT, who knows.

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By cathyne
14th Feb 2018 19:45

I agree, VAT is tediously difficult. I have done the letter to the Agent Maintener lot which deals effectively with SA CT and PAYE( when you call as agent), Not VAT, but I find, sadly, it does not deal with the office that keeps sending Employers notices giving the HMRC bank account details for payment of PAYE, PAYE online authorisation codes, or the wee white payslip booklets- another February job

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to cathyne
20th Feb 2018 15:09

Sending things to the old address after written notification: Surely HMRC are accountable under Data Protection here.....

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to Philosophic1
20th Feb 2018 16:12

Great idea!!

Enough complaints and the Government may recognise that HMRC isn't fir for purpose.

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By 1995117
28th Sep 2018 10:27

Nothing has changed as far as the change of address for an Agent for Vat. This week, I received letter from HMRC Central Agent Maintainer Team, confirming address change for SA and CT. Asked me to call Vat online team for change of address, only to be told that it can't be done without re-submitting all 64-8 or de-register clients from online client list and re-register. I refused to believe what I was being told so I asked if I can write to the Vat office giving details of my client list. Answer was, I could write to HMEC VAT Team at Southend on Sea address and they will send it to the nominated department but couldn't confirm if that will resolve the issue and my address change will be recorded on all client files!

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By SXGuy
05th Oct 2018 13:45

A while back I had to use the government gateway service to re allocate clients to another gateway ID.

I apreciate this method uses the same agent codes however, do you think it may be possible that once your new ID and 64-8 have gone in you could give authorisation to the old ID? it wouldn't solve having two gateway ids but it could at least put it all under one login?

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