VAT for Non VAT Agents vs. MTD for VAT

As a non-vat agent, do I use Vat for Non Vat agents(HMRC OnlneSrvcs) or MTD VAT (Agent Services)

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I'm a non-VAT registered agent and have both a HMRC Online Services for Agents account and an Agent Services Account. None of my clients have required VAT until now. Two of my clients have recently become VAT registered and I'm confused as to which of my accounts I should be using to deal with their VAT.

Everything I've come across online implies that I should be using the MTD for VAT service via my Agent Services Account. When I've tried getting authorised by my clients by sending them the relevant unique authorisation link that the service generates, they both get a notification that an 'authorisation request can't be found'.

I rang HMRC and the rep non-confidently stated I should 'try' the Vat for Non Vat Agents through my HMRC Online Services for Agents account. I've sent off for the activation codes etc but wanted to see if anyone here could shed more light on whether this is the correct approach in this scenario? Thanks in advance.

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By doubletrouble
03rd Jan 2024 16:58

Your clients need to make sure they have added VAT to their business Gov Gateway account, once they have done that they should be able to accept the ‘digital handshake’

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By SXGuy
03rd Jan 2024 18:50

Doubletrouble is correct.

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