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VAT from Malta

Single purchase - can we reclaim


Small family business (i largely do the admin and accounts) and we are currently making a purchase of tiles for a customer from Malta for around £2,000. VAT on this is charged at 18% - can we reclaim this? We are UK VAT registered and i know claims can be made from EU states but believe the minimum is 500 euros which this would be just under. In this case is this a definate no no?

Many thanks


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By Pygmy
14th Mar 2018 14:07

Have you tried to give the Maltese supplier your UK VAT number?

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14th Mar 2018 15:24

I've made successful EU VAT refund claims for under £200. I generally tell clients not to bother under £100 as that only just covers my time. None of them want to bother themselves.

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to gerrysims
14th Mar 2018 17:08

How are they going to claim a refund for the VAT? It's for goods for resale.

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15th Mar 2018 12:05


I am assuming that you are based in the UK.

What is your business? Are you ordering the tiles in for the customer and then passing these on to them, or will you be laying them as well?


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