VAT group registration Form 50/51 not working

Has anyone experienced issues with Form50/51 when adding additional members to a new VAT group?

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Has anyone experienced issues with Form50/51 when adding additional members to a new VAT group? It doesn''t allow new members to be added and comes with an error message but no indication op the error. 

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By Jason Croke
04th Mar 2024 14:38

You are correct, the Form 50/51 forms do not work to the extent that you cannot add more than one entity and if you try and add, you get an error message but with no details.

I've flagged this with HMRC last month (and the month before) and "they are looking into it", which I take as code for "we aren't looking into it or at least not any great priority".

You could Google "VAT50 download/pdf" and there are a couple of sites that have the old format VAT50/51 forms, and this is what I use (older format forms).

It's not ideal, because using an older form means the VAT group team are going to have to manually process it, adding to their already existing burden, but then if HMRC tech can't get a simple form to work (and it used to work up until around 2023 sometime), then it just sort of sums up HMRC, with one ineffective department leading to hampering another department who were already ineffective at something else and so on.

You could also just write to HMRC but your letter will need to contain all the information required on the VAT50/51 so you could go through the motions using the online form, answering queries like the UTR, companies house registration and expected turnovers of the entity and drop all that into a letter....but either way it is painful and not quick and defeats the whole point of having an online form.

The downloadable VAT652 form also does not work/produces the same error with no explanation, you can use the online VAT652 form where you have to login, but the downloadable VAT 652 .pdf is broken.

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By ts1955
19th Mar 2024 11:14

At last some response from HMRC. No error when adding additional members to a new group. However, the PDF version shows only the first company but not additional members and no other details they asked initially about company & UTR numbers. At least they have fixed something and hope even this gets resolved shortly.

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By kruk
28th Mar 2024 15:01

HMRC fixed one error with the VAT Form 50-51 but created a new one. When generating the "Preview" from the completed VAT 50-51 Form, the PDF incompletely generates application form, resulting in the omission of several pages. I have reported this issue on the 11th and 19th March but it still remains unresolved.

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