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VAT guidance following Brexit

VAT guidance following Brexit

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Can anyone recommend a resource for the latest info/guidance and keeping up to date regarding VAT following Brexit and, in particular, how it may impact very small businesses in relation to goods and services to and from our EU friends?

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By JoF
25th Jan 2020 13:39

Prof bodies.

Google. Or Bing if you are really stuck ;-)

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Hallerud at Easter
25th Jan 2020 14:34

I suspect all you are looking at re vat is treating the UK like any third country re exports to the EU, with vat and duty either paid in advance by the sender or paid at import , generally by agents, by/for the receiver. I suspect items coming in to be similar, same as if you currently import from China or Pakistan.

The more up in the air part will likely not be vat but product recognition/standards/ rules of origin re components etc etc, this will likely be different industry to industry, so trade bodies will be your answer- having said that nothing much appears to have yet been , even in outline,fully agreed, so the next 11 months will have a fair degree of uncertainty.

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By Les Howard
25th Jan 2020 19:35

If you must, HMRC report changes. Also the website shows new statutory instruments.
Several specialist firms deal with cross border VAT, so keep an eye on their websites or sign up to emails; Fiscal Solutions, Avalara, etc.

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