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VAT - Malta

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Good morning

I am working for a company who are getting some doors manufactured for a company in Malta and I am hoping for some clarification around the VAT aspect.

1, We are getting the doors manufactured and these will be shipped out to Malta.

2. The manufacturer will bill us

3. We will invoice the company in Malta who are requested the doors on behalf of their client.

I am thinking that VAT will not be chargeable and can be zero rated but would just like some further clarification.

Appreciate any help.


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By paul.benny
21st Apr 2021 12:17

Yes, in principle zero-rated. That assumes the goods are produced in UK and you ship them to customer yourselves.

Check VAT703 for specific requirements such as evidence of export.

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Jason Croke
By Jason Croke
21st Apr 2021 12:28

Where are the doors being made, Malta, UK or somewhere else?

If I understand your post correctly, you are asking someone else to manufacture the doors and ship them to Malta, but the manufacturer will bill you, not Malta. You will then bill Malta for the doors, plus your mark-up.

This is why I ask where the manufacturer is located and where you (as middleman) is located.

Logic would suggest you make a zero rated export to Malta and Malta customer pays the import duty/VAT/their problem.

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21st Apr 2021 14:07

Manufacturer and ourselves based in UK.

Thanks for the posts.

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