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VAT MTD chaos

Trying to get a VAT rebate

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Yet more shaninigans with the VAT office. I signed a client up for MTD, and then realised she had a VAT refund due re a reversed surcharge. 

So I called the VAT office to ask for it and they said that now it she has gone over to MTD I am no longer authorised to speak to them about her, as the old 64-8s do not apply to MTD (!!) And the only way to get authorisation is to authorise her through my ASA account. But the first question was her date of registration, which would have been 20 years ago. So I logged into the old agent log in, to try and get it from there, but they have taken that section away and so you can't find her date of registration, and they can't tell me, and they can't post it out. 

Unfortunately, I didnt know that I would need the date of registration when I signed everybody over and didnt write them down, and so now the ONLY option available is for the client to call them (good luck with that) to find out their date of registration.

Furthermore, to make it even more stupid, there is no address that you can write to for people under MTD, they 'don't accept letters anymore'. 

And also, for good measure (I know somebody mentioned it previously) the logging into the ASA doesnt work on Firefox (the link to 'sign in' sends you off to 'create an ASA'. And he said it's not just Firefox, it happens on Google Chrome as well. You 'just need to make sure you empty your cache and delete all your favourites before you attempt to log in'. Really ? 'just' delete all your favourites (presumably he means book-marks) ?! The only way to log in is to go to and search for it, and follow the link from there.

I wonder how much they have spent on breaking everything. It worked fine before. I'm not looking forward to July at all when we finally have to file a return.

They seem to have forgotten that we are all acting as their unpaid tax collectors and are making it very hard to us to do.  





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By SXGuy
21st Jun 2019 21:37

You don't need to delete bookmarks or favourites, what they mean is temporary Internet files or cache files.

Sadly you missed the bit where people have mentioned that the old login info gets wiped when switched over otherwise you'd have downloaded their vat cert before switching them to the asa account.

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Replying to SXGuy:
By johnhemming
23rd Jun 2019 11:59

There are two things that might need to be deleted.

A) One is temporary cached files.

When the browser accesses a web page it downloads one (or more pages) of HTML, but probably also downloads some pages of javascript and some pages of cascading style sheets. Very often a number of web pages on the same website will share the javascript or css (it is unlikely that they would not). Hence to save continually downloading all of this data the webserver tells the browser that they all expire at some time in the future and a copy is kept on your computer in the cache.

A full refresh (Control F5 windows - Option+⌘+E apple,
probably control F5 linux) empties the cache and downloads a new version of the files even if they have not expired.

This can be useful if some of the javascript has had bugs fixed in it although normally the file name will be changed if that is the case so that your browser downloads it again.

B) The other is "cookies".

Browsers store little bits of information linked to web pages so that the servers know who is talking to them. Things can get into a bit of a mess with these at times. Again these things can last beyond a browsing session.

Deleting these and starting again can get out of messy situations. How to do this varies. This is a page that talks about it:

I don't know how good the link is, but I thought I should give a link to some more information.

C) You should not, however, have to delete bookmarks or favourites. It may be that you have the wrong bookmark at time, but that should not prevent the right one from working.

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By lionofludesch
22nd Jun 2019 10:09

Surely the VAT Certificate of Registration is in a suitable frame on the client's wall......

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By Grayson Moore
22nd Jun 2019 10:58

If you are getting the "Create an ASA" message when you log in you should be able to see a blue link somewhere near the bottom of the screen. If you click on this you will see more options including sign out. Once you sign out then sign back in it should take you into your ASA proper.

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By petersaxton
22nd Jun 2019 12:10

HMRC [***] up shock

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By lionofludesch
22nd Jun 2019 12:47

I printed off VAT certificates for all my clients as soon as I heard about this and I would strongly advise anyone who still has the opportunity to do the same.

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Replying to lionofludesch:
By kenny achampong
24th Jun 2019 10:49

Thanks and I will do from now on, I wish I'd spotted that particular hurdle ealier. At least I have only done it for 10 clients so far.

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