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VAT MTD chaos

VAT direct debit taken at wrong time

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Just to let you know, I finally got through to the VAT office, and they have told me the September direct debits for MTD were mucked up, and didnt go through until the 17th and then they tried to cancel the warning letters going out, but mucked that up too, so expect some worried clients getting in touch. But you can tell them it's just another chapter of Make Tax Difficult. Who could have guessed it wouldnt work ?

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By Rick Deckard
08th Oct 2019 11:53

I just checked a couple of clients, and they went through as normal on the 11th, so maybe it's somewhat random or related to when the MTD connection was made?

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Replying to Rick Deckard:
By kenny achampong
08th Oct 2019 16:00

OK, maybe not as bad as I thought. The way the person at the VAT office was talking, it sounded like it was everybody.

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Replying to kenny achampong:
By WhiteRose
08th Oct 2019 20:32

It happened to all my clients last month, the DDs didn’t go until a full week late and they are now getting letters....

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