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Hi AW,

After waiting on the telephone for over an hour to speak to HMRC on several occassions I've officially given up on them (for today at least!)

We have recently taken on a new client (his old accountant has closed down and gone AWOL) - we are trying to submit his latest VAT return via MTD but he doesnt know his user ID or password - OK i thought, I'll do a password reset using his email address, BUT it appears that the old accountant has used one of their email addresses to register the client for MTD VAT (rather than the clients own) - what can I do here to resolve it, I seem to be going around in circles with this? Is there some sort of master reset HMRC can do? Has anyone come across anything similar? Very grateful for any help, thanks AC

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By Jason Croke
03rd Feb 2023 14:13

If you can't reset online because the reset email is the old Accountant, then the only solution is for the client to call HMRC, answer the security questions and HMC can then reset things.

The gateway belongs to the client, the client should know these details, appreciate many don't much care but then things like this happen. Your agent status (64-8) does not entitle you to reset the security logins.

You could try and pretend to be the client, as long as you can answer all the security questions, but my preference is get the client to do it and that way there is no moral dilemma about impersonating a client when talking to HMRC.

I have an article about this login issue here

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By Roland195
03rd Feb 2023 14:46

From what I can tell, agents setting up Gateways for clients with their own details is a common enough workaround for clients who are unable/unwilling to bother otherwise.

Jason identifies in his article the other issue where the person who sets up access leaves - the problem we experienced in one of these cases was they also couldn't pass the security questions.

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By SXGuy
03rd Feb 2023 15:17

*grabs popcorn to read replies*

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