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VAT on exports outside UK and EU

How to claim VAT on sales to sole trader who's based outside UK and EU

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My client has started an export business to a country outside UK and EU. The company is VAT registered. Overseas Customers place Orders for UK products through an online platform. Customers would identify what they want say from M&S, Amazon etc. My client would buy these goods and export them to his customers. Because these customers are based outside UK and EU (until Jan 2021), my client does not charge them VAT. 

How would my client claim output VAT? 

If the supply of goods were to a single customer would this affect VAT refunds?

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By FayeBK
23rd Jul 2020 14:13

What, what, and what?

Sorry if I'm being thick but why would you claim output VAT... output VAT is the sales tax which you've said your client isn't charging so how/why would you claim it back?

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By ThomasNicolus
23rd Jul 2020 14:36

I'll blame it on typo error...I meant VAT Input

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By Nest
23rd Jul 2020 16:15

I don't see why can't you claim it in a normal way. Here you have Input Tax and zero output so you file a return showing VAT receivable.

Whats stopping you to do so?

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