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VAT on imports, EORI and CHIEF systems question

New business, importing cosmetics from Dubai, have EORI, using shipping agent. Do I need CHIEF?

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We have paid £7,000 in VAT on an imported shipment of cosmetics from Dubai, in September, using DHL as our shipping agent. We have been waiting for a C79 document to arrive in the post, but nothing yet. We have an EORI number since setting up the company, but I now realise that maybe we have to register on the CHIEF system ? Can anyone advise whether the CHIEF system registration is neccessary for us, or does the shipping agent deal with all this ?

Many thanks

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By JoF
13th Jan 2020 15:52


You have employed a shipping agent to deal with it.

Check your EORI number is correct (VAT number in there).

Check the VAT number on the Shippers invoice is yours (and possibly on the SAD/C88 - cannot recall off the top of my head and not one to hand just now).

Then phone HMRC, have all relevant docs to hand, and ask them whether they have issued a C79. If so - ask for a copy. If not (or the wrong VAT number is quoted - phone shipping co).

Oh and check the address on your VAT - might be going elsewhere.

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