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VAT on movement of goods within EU country

How to treat VAT on moving goods between German entities


I would be very grateful if someone could help me with the following please:

A UK company is trying to buy stock from its current distributor based in Germany and to then resell to another distributor, also based in Germany.

What would be the VAT treatments and the best option of the 2 scenarios:

1) Stock that was bought is kept in a warehouse in Germany and then later sold to the new distributor

2) Stock is brought into the UK to the UK warehouse and then the goods are shipped to the German distributor.


Many thanks in advance.


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23rd Nov 2017 13:18

Oh look. There's a tail wagging its dog.

I can confirm that option (1) involves "the client" probably having to register for VAT in Germany, and that option (2) is logistic stupidity.

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23rd Nov 2017 13:43

Seriously, have you thought about the cost of sending goods on an 800-1,000 mile round trip just to avoid registering for VAT in Germany?

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