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VAT on provision of vet services & drugs

should client be charging VAT?

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I act for a branch of a well known national animal charity. Their offerings are i) kennels/cattery etc, ii) sale of rescued animals, iii) a heavily subsidised vet clinic and as such prepare their VAT Returns on a partial exemption basis.

Their VAT treatment has been carried over from the previous accountants and a question from the client has made me doubt how it has been done.

Re the clinic, the vet that they use bills them for hours & drugs used, on which the VAT is claimed. No VAT is deducted from the income received by the clinic, but shouldn't they be charging VAT on the drugs?

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By alejandra
06th Jan 2021 13:25

Did you manage to find out the answer to your question? I'm also trying to find out whether VAT should be charged on pet meds, and coming up blank

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