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VAT on purchase invoice question

VAT on purchase invoice question

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We are a  UK VAT registered company.We purchase goods from UK suppliers and re-sell the goods to different countries

We received a purchase invoice from a VAT registered UK supplier.The bill adress is the adress of our company,the goods are shipped again to us (according to the invoice) ,but the end user is in Norway and the invoice has a VAT (i think there should not be since we can provide paper work proof that the goods left the UK.if so i can tell them to cancel the invoice and re-issue it without the VAT on )

Should the purchase invoice have a VAT or should not ? How does VAT on export work in in these cases ?

In which case the exported goods are VAT exempt -when the goods are delivered (the final user is based) outside the UK or outside the EU or both.



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By jcace
08th Aug 2019 20:46

If the goods are sold to you and shipped to you, you have correctly been charged VAT. When you come to sell the goods on, the VAT treatment on your sales invoice will depend on where and to whom you ship/invoice the goods.

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By SteveHa
08th Aug 2019 21:02

I'd like to answer, but my mother taught me not to speak to strangers.

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By Accountant A
08th Aug 2019 21:33

Another "I want free advice but haven't even got the common courtesy to say 'please'".

Who the **** do you think you are?

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By lionofludesch
09th Aug 2019 09:57

Your supplier hasn't exported the goods. That supply is not eligible for zero rating.

You have exported the goods. Your supply can be zero rated.

The world would be a difficult place if everyone had to find out the end user of all the goods they sell. What's to stop the Norwegian company sending them back to the UK ? Nothing.

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By Paul Hawes
09th Aug 2019 14:21

VAT exempt? Probably not.

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