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VAT on purchase of care home

Residential or commercial

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Hi All,

Is a care home (property only) classed as residential or commercial for VAT purposes? i.e can you opt to tax such a property and charge vat on sale?

FYI - it is not a new build

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By Ruddles
03rd Mar 2017 19:02

Would you say that the care home is (to be) used for a relevant residential purpose?

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By Les Howard
03rd Mar 2017 20:07

.. or does the purchaser intend to use it for a different purpose?

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By Jigs
05th Mar 2017 06:31

Yes, it will continue as a care home.

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Replying to Jigs:
By shaun king
05th Mar 2017 13:22

So it is being used for an RRP. Anyway it is the Transfer of a going concern.

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