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VAT on rental expenses


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Sorry for this question as 99.9% sure the answer is no, but for Joe Bloggs who has 1 rental property alongisde salaried income so not a VAT sole trader, is the VAT charged on his management fee or any R&M costs he may incur allowable and includable when calculating his total expenses? I would really appreciate if anyone could point in the direction of legislation of HMRC guidance backing up any reply.

Thanks all

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By Duggimon
24th May 2019 11:20

If he's not VAT registered, and not required to be VAT registered, and isn't going to become VAT registered, then ignore VAT entirely and use the gross figure, VAT is just a part of the cost.

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Replying to Duggimon:
By jaxx789
24th May 2019 11:34

So include the VAT amount then?

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Replying to jaxx789:
By Duggimon
24th May 2019 11:39

Yes, use the gross amount.

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