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VAT on sales to a non UK business

Output VAT for UK client on goods to a business based in India with clients in UK, EU & non EU

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I have a UK based client who is looking qoute for sale of goods to a business who has offices based in India and the USA.  The orders will be placed by the Indian office but goods will be despatched to their clients at various locations in UK, EU and Israel.  The Indian office will be invoiced for the goods.  What is the Output VAT treatment please?  Any guidance will be much appreaciated.

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By paul.benny
22nd Jan 2020 16:09

In general, VAT is governed by the ship-to address, not the bill-to.

So in the examples given, sales to UK customers are standard-rated, to VAT-registered EU customers are zero-rated as long the requirements are met, and sales outside the EU are zero-rated.

VAT notice 703 will tell you what you need to know, including the specific requirements to be able to zero-rate and the reporting obligations such as EC sales list and Intrastat.

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Replying to paul.benny:
By devshigorania
22nd Jan 2020 17:22

Thanks Paul. Much appreciated. I couldn't get my head around with three parties involved in the whole process.

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