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VAT on UK purchases for EIT projects

Tech item purchased for a co-funded 'go-to-market' project. Can we reclaim UK VAT?

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We're buying some technical equipment that is to be used in an EIT-RawMaterials co-funded project which will lead to provision of fully commercial services. I understand that Horizon2020 research projects which are 100% EU grant-funded are defined as outside the scope of VAT so we cannot reclaim the VAT but must charge the gross cost to the project. However I can find no corresponding guidance for co-funded EIT projects. These are only part-funded by the EU and intended as 'go-to-market' assistance. Do I reclaim VAT in the UK or must I charge the gross amount to the project? 

As well as the the co-funding, another element that suggests to me this is NOT a grant like Horizon2020 is that EIT-RawMaterials are themselves considering it as a commercial transaction since they wish to conclude an agreement with the consortium to recover all of the money they have paid us over the first few years of commercial exploitation through a revenue-sharing or profit-sharing arrangement.

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