VAT Post Brexit

Do We Have To Charge VAT on Services To EU Companies That Have Valid EU Numbers?

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I have a VAT question-- since the UK has left the European Union, things are not as smooth for businesses from what I hear.

Would a UK company invoicing EU companies (i.e. France, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Estonia, etc) have to charge VAT on advertising services supplied and register for VAT in the country of all their EU company clients, even if those companies have valid EU numbers? 

Or does your EU company client having a valid EU number, prevent the need for the UK company registering for VAT in all EU countries?

As UK companies cannot access the MOSS, is trade with EU member states possible without having to signup to collect VAT across all of Europe?

What additional burdens are there in trading with EU companies, Post-brexit and beyond?

Thanks alot guys!

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By David Ex
19th Feb 2024 15:47

I presume you are looking to appoint someone to give you paid advice. Probably worth making that clear.

You don’t genuinely expect someone to give detailed responses to your complex questions for nothing, surely?

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Replying to David Ex:
By FactChecker
19th Feb 2024 17:09

Oh I don't know ... they left out the 'difficult one' ("What is the meaning of life?"), so all this VAT malarkey should be plain sailing shouldn't it? :=)

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By Jason Croke
19th Feb 2024 17:30

Brexit was on Friday 31st January 2020, and trade between Countries - 4 years later - is generally smooth/fine when done right and most businesses and their advisors/Accountants are generally comfortable with the new rules.

Link to HMRC Notice which covers your various queries.

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Replying to Jason Croke:
By Leywood
19th Feb 2024 18:24


The comment from the OP ''things are not as smooth for businesses from what I hear'' is probably from all the foolish businesses who dont want to pay for advice, some of whom try to freeload off here.

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