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VAT Query

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Doing first vat return for a new client.  Client bought goods and some of the invoices are addressed to while most of them were addressed to himself.  However other details like email address and delivery address etc are same as co. as client is home-based.  I know legally they are two separate persons but the substance of the purchases was for business and I know this.  How difficult is this for HMRC to accept our claim and allow VAT reclaim.  Personally I feel the invoices addressed to director should be taken as purchases at full cost(without vat) via directors loan account and not go the route of claiming vat.  I'd be interested to know anyones' experience in dealing this....

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By User deleted
27th Nov 2011 09:08

It will depend on the nature of the goods and services

If it is clear that the purchases were made for the purposes of the company's business, HMRC should accept the claim notwithstanding the fact that the invoices are not in the company's name. If the nature of the supplies is such that they could have been provided to the director for his own use, you may have more difficulty. (I'm assuming also that the director is not VAT-registered in his own right)

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