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Vat question.

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I am a Uk vat registered company -  I am running a training course in the uk but my clients are from Africa do I need to charge VAT to my client

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By Les Howard
19th Aug 2019 20:27

Is your client in business or not?

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By jcace
19th Aug 2019 20:38

Given that you know what kind of organisation you are, where you get your funding, what kind of training you will be providing, what other services/products you might be providing and to whom you will be providing them, I suggest you have a look at VAT Notices 701/30 and 741A and see if they help.

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Lisa Thomas
By Insolvency Practitioner
20th Aug 2019 09:18

What does your accountant advise?

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Replying to Insolvency Practitioner:
By Arlette
20th Aug 2019 23:03

She said that VAT is chargeable because training is taking place in the UK

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Replying to Arlette:
By Constantly Confused
21st Aug 2019 07:57


She said that VAT is chargeable because training is taking place in the UK

Is there a reason you didn't believe her?

#Edit# Not that I'm convinced you should believe her based on my understanding of your situation... I think you need to answer Les before we can be sure.

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Replying to Constantly Confused:
By Arlette
25th Aug 2019 10:57

It is not that I don’t believe her. It’s right when training is taking place in the uk Vat Is applicable but my understanding is that is applicable to EU .
In this scenario the client is in Africa which is out of Vat scope.
I am really confused about this that is why I want to address it .

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