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VAT rate on online clothing sales (international)

If clothing is sold online (retail website) to non EC countries what is the VAT rate?

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My question relates to an online business selling clothing online. They charge VAT to all customers including international deliveries. Should they be zero rating sales to e.g. USA?

I currently understand that as it's retail then we charge the same (VAT inclusive) price to everyone, but I can't find anything by HMRC to suggest this is true.

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By Hanleymail
12th Mar 2020 21:55

They sell their products for the same price worldwide. Sales to U.K. and EU will be taxed at 20% out of the gross. However sales to the rest of the world (including Channel Islands) are zero rated - so no VAT needs to be accounted for. Client needs to retain proof of export. Sales in the USA might be subject to GST if sales are numerous in a particular State (economic nexus).

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By SXGuy
13th Mar 2020 06:13

The exact same question was asked days ago. If it wasn't you who asked it, there is a handy little feature called search.

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By paul.benny
13th Mar 2020 08:34

This is a duplicated thread which somehow has been resurrected.

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