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VAT reclaim if lease is held in personal name

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If a commercial leaseholder has a lease in their own name and has set up a trading company to operate, is the lessee able to reclaim the VAT? The lessee is billed in his own name and they pays the rent on time however wondering whether an assignment would be needed for the operating company to claim the VAT?  

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By Les Howard
16th Oct 2020 16:20

No. The lease needs to be in the proper name for input tax recovery.

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By Bobbo
16th Oct 2020 16:36

Whilst I bow down to Les' superior vat knowledge there is this from hmrc's manuals

Though the phrasing of the OP sounds like the lease was signed and then the company was set up after...

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Hallerud at Easter
16th Oct 2020 16:52

Maybe more important is the question, does the company operating from the premises, rather than the individual who holds the lease, put the lease at risk of action by the landlord?

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