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VAT Reclaim on commercial vehicle

racecourse bookmaker

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We have been commisioned by a client to produce a bespoke van conversion for racecourse bookmaker.  We have a fixed budget of £20k including VAT for the used vehicle and the conversion. I am of the understanding that due to the nature of his business the VAT is not able to be reclaimed but i find it hard to believe there is not a way to reclaim it legitimately as its quite a large capital purchase and the VAT element of the budget makes a huge difference the the spec of the job.  I would like to put him in a nearly new van but if he cant get the VAT back then it will be a 3 year old van as a base.

If anyone can help or knows if there is a way then please let me know, hes 70 years old and straight as an arrow so no loopholes please.

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By Accountant A
28th Jul 2019 10:38

I assume this is some kind of joke.

You are asking for free tax planning advice - not even for you, but for one of your customers?

What makes you think that converting vans is worth paying for but professional technical advice is so worthless as to be available for free? Why is a bookmaker so poor he can't afford to pay for tax advice if he needs it. I never met a poor bookmaker - and I never met one who gave free bets.

Here's my solution. You do the work on the van for free so it comes in on budget.

And have a read of this:

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Replying to Accountant A:
By Andy Coulton
28th Jul 2019 11:04

Where did i say I wanted advice for free? or that he was poor?

Im simply trying to go the extra mile and see if I can help my customer out and give him a nice surprise, its called customer service. Now why dont you jump down off your high horse and get a grip

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By Try_to_help
28th Jul 2019 12:45

Ask your customer if he is VAT registered.

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