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VAT registered partnership

VAT registered partnership taking over another partnership

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I have a clients who run a VAT regisistred partnership, they run a hotel which is being sold - on the day of completion they are moving/buying a new hotel as a partnership/transfer of a going concern.

Is the below correct ?

1) original partnership ceases trading 

2) set up a new partnership for the new hotel with a new UTR

3) Keep the original VAT registration and notify HMRC of the change of address

4) The first VAT return for the new partnership and the final return for the old partnership will ne made up from two sets of digital records which I will need to find a way of combining before filing


Thanks for any advice/input 


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By DKB-Sheffield
21st May 2022 19:01

Hi Jon

Quick question on point 1...

Why is the partnership ceasing?

There may be valid reasons for 'dissolving' the partnership (as opposed to potentially just ceasing a trading activity), but I don't think, on the face of it, the TOGC (alone) requires this. Others may well disagree, and there may be more to this than is covered in the question.

Of course, if the partnership 'must' cease, questions 2-4 can be addressed in context. However, if a new partnership is not required, that would save you, and the client, some hassle.

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By lionofludesch
21st May 2022 22:45

Are we conflating this issues of TOGC and transfer of a registration number here?

Do you intend to complete VAT68 ?

If not, no, you're wrong. There's no need for the vendors to deregister and reregister. In fact, imho (with the caveat based on the limited information available), there are no grounds for deregistration.

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By jonibarnes
22nd May 2022 07:14


Thanks for your replies,

With regards to the partnership ceasing, On reflection I think you are correct I should just cease the trade of the first hotel.

Nothing else to the question the partners are just selling one vat reg hotel and buying another

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