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VAT Registration?


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When relationships break down, some parents have difficulties coming to a mutual agreement regarding their rights to see their child.  This Contact Services provide a safe and neutral place for children to meet the parent or family members, who they do not live with.  This Contact Services operate for the best interest of the child.  

The organisation is accredited by National Association of Child Contact Centres (NACCC).  The level of accreditation is Enhanced Accreditation for supervised contact which means they can offer supervised contact and have to go through the process of renewal of their accreditation every 3 years. 

Does this orginsiation have to register forVAT


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By Duggimon
14th Sep 2020 14:07

Are they making £85,000 or more in VATable supplies in a year?

Who do they bill? And for what exactly? You've given an outline of what they do but you're leaving us guessing on the relevant details.

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Replying to Duggimon:
By TaxAssist Accountants
14th Sep 2020 21:31

Yes turnover has now reached VAT registration threshold. Payment of services is either made by the parents or local authority

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By paul.benny
15th Sep 2020 07:13

A good rule of thumb for VAT is that goods and services are standard-rated unless they're *specifically* not standard-rated.

So you have to find a reason why your services should be zero-rated/reduced-rated/exempt/out of scope. List here

I don't see family mediation services included - so I think you're making standard-rated supplies.

(BTW, shouldn't someone called Tax Assist be able to research something about a tax for themselves?)

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