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VAT Registration Certificate, MTD and EORI

VAT Registration Certificate, MTD and EORI

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A client requires an EORI and I understand that they need the date of registration from the VAT Certificate for this which was a some time ago.

I'm sure that the VAT Registration Certificate was avaiable through my old Agent online account but I cannot see it under my shiny new MTD account?

I have logged in to my old account but this signs me out when I click on client details.

Is the Certificate no longer available online........(progress?)?


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11th Oct 2019 12:19

Once a client is signed up to MTD, the VAT certificate ceases to be available from the old agent login, and is not available from the Agent Services Account either. The only way to get one online is to create a client's own VAT login.

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By RedFive
11th Oct 2019 12:53

JDBENJAMIN is wrong (sorry). (don't believe everything you read on the internet)

Once in MTD you can only view the VAT certicfate in the NEW ASA.

Make sure logged out of old online services account, wait a minute or two as the new ASA can be cranky if it thinks you are still in the old one, hence the OP's problem.

Log-in to new ASA, click 'Manage your clients VAT details'
>Type in clients VAT number, continue
>Confirm and continue
>Click to view VAT certificate

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11th Oct 2019 13:20

I've looked at this further, and RedFive is right. HMRC made an update in August to allow VAT certificates to be obtained through the ASA.

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By Carolynne
11th Oct 2019 14:25

HMRC said they were going to automatically apply EORI to VAT registered customers who had not yet registered and if you go to this link you can find out if they have been registered in this way.

In the search box put GB before the clients VAT registration number followed by three zeros 000, press Validation.

It will tell you if they are already set up for it. Normally it also shows the clients name and address on the right, but one of mine asked this the other day (who has not applied) and when I input their number it said they were set up, but it didn't show their company details. Which intimated to me that it was an auto set up by HMRC so I asked the client to phone and check for sure.

The EORI helpline is on 0300 322 7067

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melanie lord
By Melanie Lord
11th Oct 2019 19:29

The march toward digitalisation and we have to rely on the paper certificate sent to the client (and only to them)! You couldn't make it up but it's true, depending on the software, in many cases there will be less information available on-line. I had thought that the old dashboard was supposed to still accessible - at least for now - so maybe the auto sign out was a temporary glitch? Perhaps it would be worth calling HMRC on-line help-desk - unlike the general helpline I've found the on-line guys pretty helpful.

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Replying to Melanie Lord:
By SXGuy
14th Oct 2019 10:57

While I agree with you, I have found it best practise to download a clients VAT Cert before registration to MTD, this has saved a lot of hassle moving forward.

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