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Having recently completed a VAT registration application, I thought I knew what to expect and was all geared up with the next client's most recent payslip in hand.  After entering their personal details there's the ID stage which states: "To finish confirming your identity, you will need to answer security questions on your chosen evidence type (payslip, P60 or Self Assessment)" - but all it asks is for information on the P60.  If I click "I don't have that information" it further states "Alternatively, you can go back to the start and choose a different evidence type to answer questions on."     But, I can't see any way to choose.

Yes I know I can go back to the client and ask them to find their 2022/23 P60 but that will take another week.......

Am I missing something obvious during the process?



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By Jason Croke
03rd Apr 2024 18:05

Sole trader registrations, urgh!

Presumably the only evidence HMRC has is the P60, which maybe is why it's the only option?

I've not the issue you describe, I get choice of three (payslip, P60 or SA) and usually just use the P60 as we have it on file most of the time. I have had occasion to use payslip or SA and you just go back a screen to select the other document type and then try again.

Sorry can't help much more than that, I think the system does work, albeit not very user friendly.

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