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VAT registration of Pension Trust

VAT registration of Pension Trust

have a client who has set up a pension trust through a FA which will (& has already) purchase royaly income streams from a Ltd Co. into the pension.

The Ltd company had declared VAT and paid over on the first lump sum from the pension trust.

Q : can the pension fund become VAt registered and recover this VAT for the pension pot.

Any help much apprecited. thank you.


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23rd Mar 2010 17:32

You can register a Pension Trust for VAT

Yes, indeed, a Pension Trust can be registered for VAT. The condition, in common with other organisations, is that the Trust makes, or intends to make, taxable supplies. You may well have to provide evidence of that to HMRC.

I have registered a number of Pension Trusts for VAT.

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25th Mar 2010 14:22

VAT registraion for Pension Trust

Thank you very much. presumably i can do this online as i would a normal VAT application?

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25th Mar 2010 15:30

Registration Online

Yes, you will find it easier nowadays to do this. HMRC may ask for information subsequently about the making of taxable supplies, so you will need to get that ready.

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07th Jun 2010 11:14

VAT regitration of Trust

Les Howard, thanks for your earlier guidance on this, and yes as you suspected i am now being asked to provide evidence of taxable supplies.

However i am not sure what these might take the form of as the Trust has been set up to purchase Royalty income streams. The other side of this is the company receiving the funds for these Royalties is declaring and paying over VAT on this but it is not within the Trust?

Sorry if i have made this sound confusing, but are you able to offer any further guidence.

Thank you in advance for your time.

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14th Jun 2010 16:53

Identify taxable income streams

Sarah Levine

presumably the Pension Fund has income from the Royalties, which is treated as busines income and taxable for VAT purposes. Do you have documentation, including contracts, which demonstrate both the existence of that income, and gives an indication as to its future value.

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